American University of Antigua: Offering the Best Education in Medicine for Indian Students Education

American University of Antigua: Offering the Best Education in Medicine for Indian Students

Contributing to the medical and healthcare sectors in India is a dream for many. Students dream to become aspiring doctors to address the medical needs of their communities. Supporting them with their key objectives, the American University of Antigua (AUA) College of Medicine offers an excellent medical program. As the best medical university in the USA for Indian students, it gives them the opportunities to rightly channel their passion and obtain an immersive learning experience, a US medical education that happens to be in the Caribbean. Enabling students to study MBBS abroad, this university helps them receive education at the top college. Its approach to shaping the careers of budding doctors and physicians is recognized by international bodies as well. As a trusted university, AUA understands its responsibilities when shaping the dreams of medical aspirants in India.

Best Medical Programs for Indian Students

At AUA, the 6.5-year Pre-Med Program to MD program is available for 12th standard pass out students hailing from India. The program features a comprehensive curriculum to build their extensive knowledge in medicine. The program spans out is 3 phases 

Phase 1 (2 years): Pre-Med

The American University of Antigua Pre-Med Program is ideal for high-school graduate students. For non-traditional students too, this program is suitable. Students can opt to complete this 2-year pre-med program at the widely-reputed Manipal Academy of Higher Education (MAHE), Manipal, India or at the American International College of Arts and Sciences Antigua (AICASA). 

Essentially, the best medical university in the USA for Indian students believes in strengthening the determination of students to pursue careers in medicine. Hence, its Pre-Med Program comes with a well-planned US modeled curriculum. It is based on the approach to providing premedical training. Further, it enables students to develop critical thinking skills. 

Phase 2 (2.5 years) Pre-Clinicals Sciences 

The curriculum at AUA is structured around organ systems, beginning with a foundational block that delves into the discipline-based sciences supporting these systems. This program is exclusively conducted at its high-tech campus in Antigua.

Following the second year, a 15-week Basic Sciences Integration Course (BSIC) takes place during the intersession. This program aims to reinforce Preclinical Sciences by revisiting relevant materials and concepts through Q&A sessions and training sessions.

Phase 3 (2 years) Clinicals Sciences

In this phase the students complete their Clinical Rotations in Manipal’s AUA affiliated teaching hospitals across US, UK and Canada. Students develop clinical and communication skills across patient care areas by engaging with hospital teams, learning from residents and attending physicians. This hands-on experience allows direct interaction with patients, fostering skill development in patient-centered care under the guidance of the medical faculty at teaching hospitals.

Upon finishing their clinicals, students officially graduate as doctors from the American University of Antigua. They then proceed to apply for residency positions in the USA, UK, or Canada, based on their individual preferences.

Recognitions Honoring AUA’s Approach to Medical Education

In the Caribbean, the American University of Antigua is associated with an impressive presence. Even beyond, it is a globally recognized university. Students from India can count on AUA for its approach to education in medicine. With a multitude of recognitions secured one after another, students can confidently depend on this approach to shape their medical careers.

AUA has been accredited by CAAM-HP or the Caribbean Accreditation Authority for Education in Medicine and Other Health Professions. It was recognized by the U.S. Department of Education. The university has been licensed by the Commission for Independent Education of the Florida Department of Education.

While the American University of Antigua holds numerous international recognitions, its significance for Indian students is amplified due to it being a unit of the Manipal Education & Medical Group. This association underscores AUA’s commitment to delivering exceptional medical education, lending greater importance for students from India. With models such as Home Room and Curriculum Next, Indian students can obtain excellent educational experiences.

Not only is AUA the best medical university in the USA for Indian students in terms of learning experiences but it also stands apart for its holistic admission procedures. The American University of Antigua College of Medicine focuses on students’ aptitude as well as the passion to establish themselves as doctors. Looking beyond marks, it considers their zeal to enroll in MBBS and fruitfully contribute to their communities.

In Essence

Envisioning themselves to be successful doctors in the US, Indian students can opt for universities like AUA. Being the best medical university in the USA for Indian students, AUA provides them with a comprehensive MD program. The curriculum caters to an excellent approach to medical education for rewarding professions ahead.

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