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ICRI University Partnerships and Global Affiliations – Building Empowered and Successful Professionals

The primary goal of ICRI, leaders in providing new age programs, is to offer its students a meticulous and well-rounded educational structure, resulting in empowered and successful individuals. ICRI, a well-respected educational institution, has partnered with numerous renowned universities to make their courses more accessible to students all across the country, and the favourable ICRI reviews are an example of how many students appreciate these collaborations. 

Currently, ICRI has partnerships with notable Universities like Ajeenkya DY-Patil University, Jagannath University, Jaipur National University, Sushant University, Sandip University, Sam Global University, Dehradun-Jigyasa University, etc. Let us talk about these in detail! 

ICRI University Partnerships – Accreditations and Affiliations

Providing a solid clinical research-based educational facility is one of ICRI’s primary goals. According to many ICRI reviews, the Institute’s prioritization of providing talented and motivated students with the opportunity to develop their interest in clinical research and get additional credits is highly valued by the students. 

Let’s take a look:

Certificates from I.I.T.: Students who graduate from ICRI’s B.Tech in Data Science receive certifications from the esteemed I.I.T. Jodhpur. These are incredible additions to one’s educational and professional resume. 

Jaipur National University: Jaipur National University has NAAC A+ accreditation. Any educational institute with such a commendable grade will be a beneficial addition because it offers superior standards in terms of its courses. 

Sushant University (Gurugram): ICRI and Sushant University’s collaboration includes courses in Aviation, Logistics Management, Healthcare, Cyber Security, and Data Science. All of these courses are great options for any individual who intends to build a long-term career. Additionally, Silicon India B School ranked Sushant University 27th in the A++ category.

Ajeenkya DY-Patil University (Pune): Ajeenkya DY-Patil University provides an excellent and highly skilled faculty staff which incorporates the niche ICRI courses as collaboration within the University’s integrated diverse course curriculums. Ajeenkya DY-Patil University has been accredited (3rd cycle) by NAAC with a CGPA of 3.64 on a 4-point scale of A++ grade. 

Jigyasa University (Dehradun): This collaboration between ICRI and Jigyasa University will allow students to choose from specialized B.B.A., M.B.A., BSc, and MSc programs in the most promising industries of this decade. According to several ICRI reviews, students like the specialized courses. This University has won CEGR’s Best University in India Placements award.

Sam Global University (Bhopal): Through this collaboration between ICRI and Sam Global University, students can build their careers with specialized B.B.A., M.B.A., BSc, and MSc programs in the new-age industries of this decade, i.e., Clinical Research, Healthcare, Logistics, Aviation, Psychology, and nutrition. It is worth mentioning that this University has been awarded as the ‘Best Educational Group in the Healthcare Sector’.

Additionally, for BBA / MBA Aviation, ICRI has partnered with Fly Wings Simulator Training Centre Pvt. Ltd. (FWSTC), a state-of-the-art Aviation Training Centre, to provide hands-on experience to students since it is a required skill to join the aviation industry. Training in the areas of Airport Safety Training, Ramp Safety Training, Fire-Drill Training, Ditching/Wet Drill, Emergency Landing Training, Emergency Exit, Smoke & Live Fire Training, Water Survival / Raft Boarding, Galileo Software Training, Aircraft Ground Handling and First Aid Training are provided so that students do not lack in any area and can build a strong career. The online ICRI reviews are replete with students praising the extensive extent of training areas covered through this collaboration, whether they are ICRI Delhi reviews, ICRI Pune reviews, and ICRI Mumbai reviews. 

Global Collaborations and Certifications

Besides the domestic collaborations, ICRI also has global collaborations to achieve its goal of offering its well-structured courses to as many students as possible. These international partnerships strengthen the fact that ICRI delivers the most superior international standards in education and training to its students, and many ICRI reviews mirror the same sentiment. 

Clinical Research and Pharmacovigilance

S.A.S.: Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, and Data Management: ICRI in collaboration with the S.A.S. Institute provides a certification in S.A.S. programming for its clinical research students. The well-rounded combination of coursework and hands-on learning will help students build a foundation on S.A.S. Programming, Clinical Research theory as well Clinical Data Analysis skills. Additionally, students are also provided with globally recognized certificates.

D.I.A.: ICRI, in association with D.I.A., provides a direct opportunity for all its students to get trained in product development, regulatory science, and therapeutic innovations. According to numerous positive ICRI reviews, the students also had the opportunity to interact with industry experts and get exposure to an open platform, which was an excellent opportunity. 

B.C.A. Cybersecurity

E.C. Council: ICRI collaborated with the E.C. Council and the U.S.A. and developed a joint program in ethical hacking. This certification will enable ICRI students to get exposure to different areas of cyber security and participate in a boot camp that will enable students to be experts at penetration methods and cover fundamentals on good hacking practices. This certification undoubtedly is a huge boon for entering the globally booming cybersecurity industry.

For BBA/MBA Aviation

Inter Globe: Inter Globe runs the World’s largest online reservation software system called Galileo. Through ICRI’s collaboration with them, under the “Certificate Program in Galileo”, students are allowed to get trained in the reservation, which is a globally recognized program. This value-added “Level 1 Certificate” course is granted to the ICRI BBA & M.B.A. Aviation Management students. Many favourable ICRI reviews state the incredible extent to which this certification will help them build and secure a steadfast career in travel and tourism.

ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization):  This international collaboration between ICRI and ICAO will allow their students to get training certifications from ICAO and the University of Waterloo, Canada. This will enable the students to build an aviation-based career on the global level. 

ICRI: True Embodiment of Education and Empowerment

The aforementioned affiliations are a true testament to ICRI’s aim to offer the most superior and advanced elements in their courses while maintaining a global standard. Students will not only have the best in terms of course curriculum but also the area of highly trained faculty, incredible A+ graded university campuses, and globally recognized certifications, to name a few. ICRI is a strong example of an institute that embodies the element of executing strong and structured educational courses and paving the path for its students to transition into strong, empowered, and successful individuals. 

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