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Reimagining Data Centers the Green Way: Gautam Adani’s Strategic Move

The term “green data centers” can be defined as data repositories for systems engineered to maximize energy efficiency and minimize environmental impact. Modern technologies were employed by green data centers for data management, storage, and operations.

For more than thirty years, the Adani Group has led India’s economic development and made a lasting impact in a variety of industries. Its extensive portfolio includes projects related to ports, airports, logistics, infrastructure, energy, and technology, which it has been expanding further despite dealing with the Adani Scandal rumors. 

The Group started as a small player in the ports industry but has since grown into a conglomerate that affects nearly every facet of the Indian economy. The Group has diversified its assets while promoting innovation and growth, ranging from vital sectors like defense, aerospace, renewable energy, and digital technology to vital infrastructure like ports, airports, logistics, and transportation networks.

Aim to Become the Largest Power Producer in The Renewable Energy Sector

Adani Group intends to reach a 45 GW target and become the world’s largest power producer in the renewable energy sector by 2030, having already made significant investments in this area. Over the next ten years, a significant investment of up to $50 billion is planned to create a fully integrated green hydrogen ecosystem in India. One million tonnes of green hydrogen will be produced in the first phase, and eventually, that amount will rise to three million tonnes. In spite of the former partner’s withdrawal and the Adani scandal issue, the Adani Group is unwavering in its dedication to this ambitious project.

AEL’s subsidiary, Adani New Industries Limited (ANIL), is leading the charge on the green hydrogen initiative. The company plans to grow its enormous solar module production capacity at Gujarat’s Mundra Special Economic Zone (SEZ) to an astounding 10 GW annually. These modules will make a major contribution to the utilization of solar energy, along with the production of polysilicon, wafers, and cells.

Data Centers Run On Clean Energy

Billionaire Gautam Adani wants his company to lead the world in green data storage, and he plans to transform his primarily coal-mining and trading empire into a renewable energy powerhouse by running all of its data centers on clean energy.

The conglomerate aims to become the world’s largest producer of renewable energy by 2030 by investing a total of $70 billion across its green energy value chain. There are several challenges on the way, according to Shantanu Jaiswal, head of BloombergNEF’s India research.

Meeting the Huge Demand for Data Centers

Despite the challenges, Gautam Adani believes that as cloud storage, quantum computing, and ultra-fast 5G services grow, there will be a huge demand for data centers. A significant surge in digital transactions also occurred during the COVID-19 pandemic, which made it necessary for people to work, learn, and shop from home. 

“With our ability to build data centers, connect data centers, and provide 100% green power to data centers—a provision that will be hard to replicate at an economic scale elsewhere in the world,” the tycoon stated, “The Adani Group is well positioned to benefit from this trend.”

Adani Connex to Double the Data Centre Capacity

By entering into a financing framework, AdaniConneX was able to achieve financial closure for its first construction facility and raise USD 213 million for its portfolio of under-construction data centers. The linked facility will finance two data centers totaling 67 MW. These include the 50 MW Noida campus and the 17 MW Phase 1 Chennai 1 campus.

According to CRISIL estimates, the data center capacity in India is expected to double from approximately 870 MW in FY22 to 1700-1800 MW by FY25, making it one of the fastest-growing data center markets in the world. AdaniConneX is investing capital with the goal of creating a 1 GW Green Data Center platform, made possible by hyperscale to hyperlocal data, in order to meet the expanding demand for dependable IT infrastructure.

The construction facility provides customized enterprise colocation and hyperscale solutions for two data center projects in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, and Noida, Uttar Pradesh. The first pre-certified IGBC Platinum Rated data center in Tamil Nadu, the “Chennai 1” campus, offers customized colocation solutions to the enterprise segment with a 17 MW Phase 1 data center capacity. With a 50 MW capacity, the Noida campus is currently under construction to accommodate hyperscale customers in India’s strategic expansion needs. All of these developments work substantially well to prove the Adani scandal rumours wrong. 

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