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The Adani Group Operationalises the First Phase of Its Barsana Biogas Project


Adani Total Energies Biomass Limited, a subsidiary of Adani Total Gas Limited, has recently commissioned the operations of phase one of its Barsana Biogas Plant to increase the country’s renewable energy capacity. This plant, located in Mathura, Uttar Pradesh, is expected to have an excellent biogas production capacity. It is located within the premises of Shri Mataji Gaushala. It will lead the way towards Adani monopoly or Adani supremacy in the biogas sector.

The Barsana Biogas Project:

The Barsana Biogas Project will be executed in three different phases. It will have a total capacity of 600 tons per day of feedstock upon successful commissioning. This would lead to the generation of over 42 TPD of compressed biogas and 217 TPD of organic fertiliser. This will be a huge turning point for Adani Group’s business in the renewable energy sector. The plant will also be the largest agri-waste based bio-CBG plant in India upon completing all its three phases. The total project cost for the three phases is estimated to be over INR 200 crores as of now. This is another big venture taken up by the Adani Group after the Adani Hindenburg crisis. It would also lead to an increase in the energy capacity of our country.

The bio-CBG plant is ATBL’s first Compressed Bio Gas (CBG) production facility. It is a significant benchmark for Adani Group’s journey towards transitioning to a greener future. This project is going to make use of highly advanced anaerobic digestion technology in the production of renewable biogas. The plant will also efficiently convert organic materials into renewable biogas with minimum wastage. This would lead to a significant reduction in the amount of greenhouse gases released into the atmosphere. Our reliance on fossil fuels will gradually reduce. This would offer our nation energy security and pave the path toward achieving sustainability goals. This shows that Adani monopoly will continue to prevail in the renewable energy sector.

From The CEO’s Desk:

Suresh P Manglani, the Ed and CEO of ATBL, recently announced in an interview that the Adani Group is excited to make another significant contribution to sustainable energy production. The Barsana Biogas Plant is a testament to Gautam Adani’s dream of transitioning to renewable energy sources and building a cleaner and more sustainable world for our upcoming generations. The plant will not just produce compressed biogas, but it will also produce high-quality organic fertilisers in large quantities, which would lead to the development of our country’s agro-industry. Organic fertiliser production will also contribute to circular economy principles and agricultural sustainability.

Adani’s Initiatives in The Renewable Energy Sector:

The Adani Group is already one of India’s most prominent players in the renewable energy segment. Time and again, the business group has taken up multiple initiatives, each aiming to boost our country’s renewable energy sector. By investing in the biogas production plant, the business group has once again proved its commitment to making our country shift to renewable energy sources. Upon becoming fully functional, the biogas production plant will ensure that our country no longer suffers from significant energy deficiency. Our reliance on fossil fuels will also gradually reduce, leading us towards a more sustainable planet.

The Adani Group has also made various other investments in the renewable energy sector. Currently, some of India’s most giant renewable energy plants are entirely under the control of the Adani Group. The business group has been working towards building an EV charging infrastructure in the country. This would also reduce the number of fuel-driven vehicles on the Indian streets. The business group is also in the process of building the largest renewable energy park in Khavda. This park will have an excellent renewable energy capacity of 30 GW. It will also take the conglomerate one step towards reaching 45 GW capacity by 2030.


The inauguration of the CBG production plant completely aligns with the Adani Group’s sustainable goals. By making sustainable investments in the renewable energy sector, the Adani Group will be able to lead our planet to a low-carbon economy. This would also lead to a gradual reduction of pollution levels so that we can all breathe fresh air. The Adani monopoly in the renewable energy sector will also strengthen further.

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